Making Real Estate Counter Offers Fight or Let Go?

When buying or selling a Springfield, MO home, it’s not unusual to grapple with counteroffers. Occasionally, negotiations become a tug-of-war between the buyer and seller. If it’s your first time buying or selling a home, you’re likely wondering if there is limits to how many counter offers go back and forth between the buyer and seller.

I have first-hand experience and know that real estate negotiations often feel like an endless tennis match. Experts point out there is no limit to the number of counter offers a seller or buyer can legally make, but too many volleys back and forth leave people exhausted and frustrated. (more…)

Use Your Skill Set and Become a Realtor®

“Paralysis by Analysis” is a good ol’ phrase, with a very modern feel; relating to career choices. As our world becomes excessively more busy, and with each passing day; our life opportunities ramp up, as well. Currently, technology provides us with careers we may never have dreamed of due to geography, education and sheer inventiveness.

Yet, as wonderful as all this seems; at face value, it really may be a smoke screen for utter career confusion. However, it doesn’t have to be; there is a solution, and it’s a fantastic one…Become a real estate agent with Realty Executives By Realty Choice, Springfield, MO.

I don’t have sales skills… and what about the pay? (more…)

Finding Homes That Match Your Vision

Hunting for a home in Springfield, MO, won’t be a long process as long as you get a vision what your dream home looks like. When buying a home with your family, it is often a more elaborate process but a good real estate agent will make it fun to figure out what would make everyone in the family happy.

Before choosing homes in Springfield, you will want to get pre-approved for a loan or figure out your cash budget. Once you know what you can afford, your job gets somewhat easier as the pool of homes in Springfield from which to choose shrinks. “Search Springfield, MO Homes

According to a real estate article by yahoo, it is important to avoid generalities such as wanting an older home or a large house. It is also important to distinguish between wants and needs. If you are part of a family searching for a home in Springfield, MO, you can also decide who has the most decision-making power in the equation or whether it’s a mutual decision. Asking yourself these key questions will help you narrow down your house hunt. (more…)

Home Selling Tips for Hiding “Evidence”

When it comes to selling a home, you want to stay completely open and honest about issues such as mold, mildew, asbestos, sinkholes, water damage or lead paint. There is nothing wrong with hiding more benign “evidence” of pets and children that could turn-off the most demanding buyers.

By following the advice of trained and experienced Springfield, Missouri real estate agents, you will likely sell your home faster and with fewer headaches. Few homeowners sell a home that has never been lived in. By virtue of the fact your house has been the living space for a growing family and site of an occasional family gathering or party; there are flaws to remedy for a potential buyer. Buyers don’t want you to remind them of the fact that someone else once lived in the home. “More on selling Springfield, MO Homes“. (more…)