Ozark MO Where Mayberry Meets Mainstream

It’s said that Ozark, MO is where Mayberry meets mainstream.

Incorporated in 1890, the city maintains a strong sense of community while offering a small town atmosphere with big city amenities.

Located in the Springfield metropolitan area, the city’s population has grown at a record 119 percent in the last decade. Why are more and more people calling Ozark home? Continue reading

Finding a Home to Easily Personalize

Buying a home that’s easy and affordable to personalize is often a challenge with so many first-time buyers searching for starter homes. By working with the best real estate agents, you often find out about homes that inspire. According to an article by valleymorningstar.com, in the age of personalization it’s rare to find a home that is already the way you want it. When shopping for a home, think about your vision for the home. Share your ideas with your Realtor so the two of you are on the same page. Experts say there are some features in a home that are more affordable to customize than others after you buy the house. Continue reading

Branson MO “A Vibrant Town”

Located in the Ozarks region of southwest Missouri, Branson, MO is a vibrant town that’s full of entertainment and friendly residents.

According to the Branson Area Lake Chamber of Commerce, the modest low cost of living, low unemployment rate, low crime rate, and a variety of civic and cultural opportunities make Branson a great place to live, work, and play.

If you’re considering calling this town home, here are some things you may want to know: Continue reading

Bolivar MO “A City Of Character”

Bolivar, MO is a city of character, friendly neighbors, and strong faith.

Situated on Highway 13 between Springfield and Kansas City, it’s bordered by recreational lake areas that provide anglers with good fishing.

Approximately ten thousand residents’ call Bolivar home and the city is also known for its excellent and plentiful workforce.


Bolivar became a city on November 10, 1865. The city’s website states that the settlement which would become Bolivar developed along a trail used by the Overland Stage. This is why the streets don’t run a true north and south, and are instead offset about twenty-two degrees to the west. Continue reading

Clever MO “Where it Just Gets Better Every Day”

One of the fastest growing cities in Christian County, Clever, MO has a “clever” motto: “Where it just gets better every day.” According to the city of Clever’s own website, people move to Clever to start a family. They stay because of the great business growth and beautiful residential communities. Low crime rates and good schools are a few of the reasons areas such as Clever appeal to the young millennial home buyers. Clever was incorporated in 1896. The city has a humble past without a lot of drama or fame. The city operates on a Council-Mayor government platform. In keeping with the family friendly dynamics, the community is building more sidewalks as part of its Transportation Enhancement program. Between 2000 and 2010, they city grew dramatically. Continue reading