Places to Volunteer at in Missouri

New in Town: Places to Volunteer at in Missouri. Whether you are a retired baby boomer who wants to give back or a younger person hoping to change lives, there are a number of places to volunteer at in Missouri.

Volunteering not only lifts the spirits of other people, but gives the volunteer a sense of fulfillment and satisfaction. Some volunteers like to help the homeless, latchkey children, survivors of domestic violence, while others concentrate on senior citizens. Consider how to put your skills and energy to good use. When house hunting in the Springfield area, check out various volunteering opportunities or talk to your real estate agent about ways to help when you are new to town. Continue reading

Springfield MO Activities for Couples

After relocating to Springfield, MO or moving to a different part of town, it’s fun to explore the nightlife. Many of the fun couple activities in Springfield, are actually free. Some events such as Date Night at the ECC (Executive Conference Center) on Battlefield Road cost a bit more at $50 a pop. A recent date night at ECC raised money for children escaping domestic violence. Local churches also host events perfect for date night. Depending on your hobbies and interests, try out different couple activities. Continue reading

Buying a Home near the Best Springfield MO Colleges and Universities

Some young people go away to college or look for an apartment in a college town. With so many notable colleges and universities in the Springfield, MO area, many parents decide to send their children to private or public colleges close to home. Whether your child lives on campus or lives at home, there are a number of excellent Springfield MO colleges and universities to suit every budget. Real estate agents say an ongoing trend is to buy a home with separate living areas for college students living at home. Real estate investors often buy homes in the Springfield area with the intention to rent rooms to students attending Missouri State University, Evangel University or Drury University. Continue reading

Benefits of Downsizing Your Home

Downsizing has become a popular trend over the years, especially with empty-nesters.

If you’re wondering whether or not you should list your four bedroom, three bathroom home, knowing the following benefits of downsizing may help you decide: Continue reading

Selling Springfield MO Real Estate 5 Tips for Success

Experts expect pent-up demand for Springfield, MO real estate this spring. Traditionally, spring is the hottest time of the year to sell. Many home sellers in Springfield want to sell as school is winding down for the year.

According to a piece by, the last few years have been livelier because home buyers want to act before mortgage rates go up. Also, home prices are continuing to go up as homes appreciate in value in the warm housing market. With a new Republican president in the White House, most real estate agents expect a positive impact on the spring housing market. To sell your home this spring in Springfield, consider these 5 tips for success. Continue reading