Selling Your Home to Gen X and Gen Y

When selling your Springfield, MO home, it’s important to gain a better understanding of today’s primary buyers. According to a recent piece by, the generation that currently owns the most homes is members of Generation X in the 35 to 54 age category. Now that the Great Recession is only a distant memory and chapter in history books, it’s time to move on. For many Gen X home buyers, moving on means finding a larger home that requires some sweat equity or work. In Springfield, MO, Gen Y or Millennials as well as Gen X create tremendous demand for larger starter homes that are “projects.” When selling your Springfield MO real estate, consider key ways to attract buyers. Continue reading

Open Concept Floor Plans: Hot or Not?

The real estate market has seen its ups and downs in the last ten years. Free falling mortgage rates and foreclosures cast a damper on the market, alongside layoffs and companies sending their products off to Taiwan or China to be made. Recently there has been a spate of articles assuring home hunters that rates are coming down, credit doesn’t have to be letter perfect to obtain a mortgage, and if home hunters have a job, they can get a mortgage. Even more articles describe how to apply for a no down payment mortgage.

After so many years of bad news and worse news on the real estate front, home seekers are hopeful again.  Certain aspects of the houses for which they’re hunting are as important as that hope, such as the open concept floor plan. It begs the question in projected real estate trends: will the open concept floor plan remain hot? Continue reading

Technology is Disrupting the Luxury Real Estate Market

Changing times mean that a few industries who didn’t change with them get left behind or go bankrupt. When times change, technology changes with them. For example, we’ve seen astounding changes in the medical field through wearables, telemedicine and home monitoring systems reporting to patients’ doctors. An even better example is driverless cars, which are becoming a little less fearsome to normal drivers. What else can be expected to change? We’re seeing the real estate market leaning towards new technology which would disrupt the luxury real estate market. Continue reading

Lessons for Buying Springfield MO Homes in Your 20s

Buying a home is a major milestone and one that few people reach in their 20s. For those who do manage to get together the down payment and land the well-paid job in their 20s or early 20s, there are key lessons to learn from older home owners. Although it was a lot different to buy a home decades ago because of higher interest rates, some of the same principles still apply. When buying a home in Springfield, MO, consider the advice of established home owners who bought early in life. A recent article by points out home ownership feels like a major leap into official adulthood. Continue reading

Reputable Home Inspection Companies in the Ozarks

It’s almost time to go to the closing table. Before you buy or sell a home in the Ozarks, a home inspector walks through the home checking off boxes and taking notes. As a home seller, reputable home inspection companies to know in the Ozarks help you achieve your home-buying goals. They also give you a heads up about problems to remedy and items to fix or replace for smooth sailing during closing. To choose the best home inspector for your family, make a few phone calls to talk to the independent companies about their schedules and fees. Your Springfield, MO real estate agents provides you with any contacts, information or data without making judgements about who is the better home inspector or provider. Continue reading