Saving Money on Furniture for Your New Home

You’ve just had the offer accepted for your first Springfield, MO home.

Now it’s time to move in and make the place your own. Though if you are like many first-time buyers, you have little or no furniture to fill the rooms.

This means it is time to go shopping, but before you do, here are some money-saving tips: Continue reading

Selling an Occupied Rental Home

Whether you are a DIY landlord or property investor who leans on a property manager, it’s more complicated to sell a Springfield MO home occupied by tenants. The worst thing you can do is let your tenants find out you listed the home by running across a real estate listing online. It’s similar to finding out a boyfriend or girlfriend broke up with you by their single Facebook status update. Most rental property owners who manage the rental on their own, let their tenants know they plan to list the home in the future and that a Realtor will likely come by to provide a home value analysis as well as provide advice on how to fix up the home to sell. Continue reading

Avoiding Painful Lessons when Selling Your Home

It’s often painful to let go of a sentimental attachment to a family home. From a financial perspective, though, selling your Springfield, MO home should not prove painful. A reputable Springfield Realtor helps you avoid the painful lessons some past home sellers learned the hard way. According to a recent article by, there are simple ways to avoid post-sale regrets. Hearing the cautionary home-selling stories arms you with facts so you profit from a sale. Continue reading

What’s Your Home Worth? Get Inside the Mind of a Home Appraiser

Although you can do a lot to make your home worth more to buyers, it’s equally important to impress the property appraiser. Home appraisers do not randomly assess a value on your Springfield MO home. They feel impressed less with the interior paint selections and impressed more by a new roof or new room addition. By getting inside the mind of the typical appraiser, it’s possible to boost your home value so you take home more money at closing. Continue reading

Quick Improvements to Sell Your Home

Some people take their time to when wanting to sell their home. But if you are in a hurry because you need to move for a job or simply want to get on with the rest of your life after a divorce, consider quick improvements to sell. According to a piece by AOL Finance, sellers make sure their homes shine by with quick fixes that zero in on the most relevant aspects of their home. With the house selling season in full swing, work with seasoned real estate agents to market and list your home. Meanwhile, family and friends often pitch in to make sure your home stands out to potential buyers that come knocking. Continue reading