Finding Retirement Dream Homes in Springfield MO

Your retirement dream home can turn into a later-in-life nightmare if you don’t plan for unexpected changes and life’s surprises. When it comes to downsizing, there are a lot of quaint homes for sale in Springfield MO. At the same time, the demand for starter homes created by millennials means less expensive homes are not as plentiful. According to a report by The Fiscal Times, two in five retirees move later in life. A TransAmerica survey showed baby boomers move to downsize or cut expenses. Before downsizing, consider some of the pitfalls and traps. Continue reading “Finding Retirement Dream Homes in Springfield MO”

Selling a Home in Springfield and The Feng Shui Basics

When it comes to staging and decorating your Springfield, MO home for a quick sale, it’s wise to rely on the Chinese art of placement also known as feng shui. While some people view feng shui as a whimsical fad, there is actually a lot of logic behind the ancient philosophy. According to an article by, there are various feng shui cures that serve as the secret key for selling your home and unlocking its beauty for potential owners. Most people rely on natural earthly colors and materials when following the feng shui basics. Clearing clutter and making the home smell nice are naturally part of the practice. Although decorating is part of the plan for selling your Springfield home, you also need to rely on a good Realtor with a marketing plan. It’s also imperative to sell your home at the right price. Continue reading “Selling a Home in Springfield and The Feng Shui Basics”

Smart Questions to Ask When Selling Your Home

Without question, it’s a good time to sell a home. With the red-hot real estate market roaring at your feet, there are still a few smart questions to ask when selling your home. According to a piece by Wisebread, some points to bring up with your real estate agent include the best time of the year to list, how to boost your curb appeal and any improvements that could increase your home’s value. From a financial perspective, it’s also important to figure out how much money you need to walk away from the closing to meet other goals. Continue reading “Smart Questions to Ask When Selling Your Home”

DIY Home Staging Cheat Sheet

DIY home staging helps you sell your home fast. A article by, pointed out a DIY home staging cheat sheet is all a seller needs. In fact, people selling a starter home or entry-level house don’t typically have extra money to spend on professional staging. To save money, keep a basic philosophy in mind. The idea when selling your home isn’t to showcase your family or your personality, but to sell the actual space. Even though it’s the building itself that home buyers actually buy, the interior design choices create moods and trigger their emotions so they place a bid. Also, the National Association of Realtors’ data shows homes with beautiful staging sell for more money, often selling in less than one month. Continue reading “DIY Home Staging Cheat Sheet”