Avoiding Painful Lessons when Selling Your Home

It’s often painful to let go of a sentimental attachment to a family home. From a financial perspective, though, selling your Springfield, MO home should not prove painful. A reputable Springfield Realtor helps you avoid the painful lessons some past home sellers learned the hard way. According to a recent article by realtor.com, there are simple ways to avoid post-sale regrets. Hearing the cautionary home-selling stories arms you with facts so you profit from a sale.

Lining up the next home

Some home buyers regret selling a home before they had other options lined up. While waiting for a new home, home sellers often move back in with their parents or other relatives. Some of the extra expenses of failing to time a buying and selling situation includes storage costs. A good Realtor helps you add a contingency or realistic closing date to facilitate all the moving parts of the process.

Failing to remove the clutter

Another mistake home sellers make is failing to remove the clutter in a home because they view it as décor and art that makes the home feel “homey.” Real estate professionals explain that a disheveled home often lowers the home value by thousands or tens of thousands of dollars. An easy solution is to remove personal items and photos. Make your home look like a model home in a new home community because that’s what buyer expect.

Staying emotionally connected

When selling your home, it’s important to shift your attitude from an emotional attachment to a businesslike detachment. Some suggestions for transferring your emotional feelings include maintaining the same paint scheme at your new home, keeping old furniture, setting up the new home in a similar fashion and taking shoots from plants in your yard. People who are too attached often benefit when they move all of their belongings out of the home for sale. Hiring a professional stager to redesign the look is often the final change that allows a homeowner to detach.

While it’s easy to feel blindsided by the heartbreak of losing a family home or stressed out by the move, lean on your Springfield, MO Realtor.

At Realty Executives By Realty Choice, our goal is to create a positive home-selling experience. We can help you make money on your home sale so you can afford the next step. For more information on selling in Springfield, please contact us.

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