Boosting A Home’s Perceived Worth With Color

Putting a fresh coat of paint on your home won’t necessarily boost the home’s appraised value. Yet, many buyers will pay more for a home with on-trend colors because of perceived home worth. Most home appraisers think about your home’s size or square footage, the number of bathrooms, the garage size and other concrete factors. Potential buyers, on the other hand, concentrate on cosmetic details. Some buyers are willing to pay more than the appraised value for a home that has a nice appearance. According to an article by cbslocal, interior paint colors dramatically impact home sale profits. A study by Zillow looked at thousands of houses to figure out which colors boosted or deflated sale prices compared to basic white walls. Continue reading

Quick Weekend Projects to Increase your Home’s Charm

If you want to list your home, consider weekend projects to boost your home’s worth. Many sellers don’t have time or money to spend on major renovations. Even though a basement or kitchen remodel could attract more attention from potential buyers, it often comes at a high cost. Smaller projects give home sellers quick payoffs that don’t interfere with their daily work schedule or create too much household havoc. According to a piece by, the goal is to make your home stand out from the competition. When selling in Springfield, MO, rely on your real estate agent to fill you in on the most popular colors, décor styles and features that appeal to buyers in certain neighborhoods. Real estate is often specific to the micro market. Continue reading

Saving Money on Furniture for Your New Home

You’ve just had the offer accepted for your first Springfield, MO home.

Now it’s time to move in and make the place your own. Though if you are like many first-time buyers, you have little or no furniture to fill the rooms.

This means it is time to go shopping, but before you do, here are some money-saving tips: Continue reading

Quick Improvements to Sell Your Home

Some people take their time to when wanting to sell their home. But if you are in a hurry because you need to move for a job or simply want to get on with the rest of your life after a divorce, consider quick improvements to sell. According to a piece by AOL Finance, sellers make sure their homes shine by with quick fixes that zero in on the most relevant aspects of their home. With the house selling season in full swing, work with seasoned real estate agents to market and list your home. Meanwhile, family and friends often pitch in to make sure your home stands out to potential buyers that come knocking. Continue reading

Updating Your Kitchen For Less Money

Kitchens are the center of any home.

They’re where chocolate chip cookies are baked and where children do homework after school.

Remodeling this space is popular as it can increase home value, though it doesn’t come without a cost. The average remodeling cost is $21,688, and the price is why many homeowners have to put updates on the back burner.

If you just moved into a Springfield, MO home that needs a kitchen makeover, here are some money-saving tips you will likely want to know: Continue reading