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One of the fastest growing cities in Christian County, Clever, MO has a “clever” motto: “Where it just gets better every day.” According to the city of Clever’s own website, people move to Clever to start a family. They stay because of the great business growth and beautiful residential communities. Low crime rates and good schools are a few of the reasons areas such as Clever appeal to the young millennial home buyers.

Clever was incorporated in 1896. The city has a humble past without a lot of drama or fame. The city operates on a Council-Mayor government platform. In keeping with the family friendly dynamics, the community is building more sidewalks as part of its Transportation Enhancement program. Between 2000 and 2010, the city grew dramatically.

A prime location for Civil War buffs

Clever is on the Springfield Plateau of the Ozarks, which means it enjoys a decent elevation at about 1,380 feet. The city is about six miles from Wilson’s Creek National Battlefield, a fascinating place for field trips, visitors and war buffs. Located at 6424 West Farm Road 182, Wilson’s Creek National Battlefield was the site of the first significant American Civil War battle west of the Mississippi River. Historians say the battle of Wilson’s Creek resulted in Missouri staying in the Union. Visitors see “Bloody Hill” the site of the battle as well as take a 5-mile loop tour by vehicle.

The 2010 census shows more than 2,000 people living in the city including 602 families. The number of residents doubled from 2000 when the city had about 1,010 people living there. Notable people who grew up in the city include Robert Mandan, the actor who played Chester Tate on the television satire, “Soap.” Also, former Pittsburgh Pirates pitcher, Jim Winn, is from Clever.

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