Expectations to Have When Selling a Home

When it comes to planning for what’s ahead when selling your Springfield MO home, adjust some but not all of your expectations. You will likely have great expectations for some parts of the home-selling process and realistic or negative expectations for other parts. According to an article by U.S. News and World Report, the real estate process is less daunting when you know what to expect. By working with excellent Springfield real estate agents, you gain a competitive edge as the real estate season heads into the colder months and holidays. Experts suggest focusing on the positive instead of listening to horror stories. By working with the right Springfield MO Realtor, you will more likely sell your home quickly and for the most money. Creating a strong marketing plan and preparing the home to sell are a few pieces of the puzzle, but there are 5 absolute expectations to consider.

Expecting a Facelift:

Unless you want to quickly sell as a quick exit strategy, expect a face lift for your home. Even if you never re-decorated while owning the home, it’s essential to update before a sale. If your home is extremely outdated, consider hiring a professional stager to get the job accomplished in less time. Some inexpensive and easy things you can do include removing clutter and painting, cleaning and removing old furniture.

Expecting a Fast Sale:

When your home languishes on the real estate market in Springfield, MO, potential buyers wonder about possible defects in the home. A good Realtor makes a quick sale a priority. It’s less stress to deal with fewer showing, but quality showings with pre-qualified buyers.

Expecting Some Inconvenience:

You will experience some inconvenience when selling your home. Most sellers create a plan for how to handle pets and children when it’s time to show the home. By keeping your cleaning supplies handy and a children clothing and toy bag ready, it’s easy to get out of the home for showing.

Expecting Negotiations:

A Springfield MO Realtor handles the negotiations for you so you don’t have to worry about keeping a poker face or keeping your timeline to yourself. The best scenario is to draw in multiple buyers for a bidding war.

Expecting Top Dollar:

One of the most important goals people have when selling is to get top dollar. Not only do some people need to pay off their existing mortgage, but most need the equity to put down on a different home. How much money you receive at the closing table determines what kind of home you buy next or if you can retire in style. A real estate agent helps you set the best listing price for ideal results.

After your home sells, it’s great to celebrate with a moving party. Talk to family and friends about helping you pack up and clean as well as unpack in a new home that fits your family’s needs.


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