Fights Couples Have When Home Buying

When buying a new home as a couple, expect a few typical battles of will. Shopping for a home is one of the tests of a solid relationship. According to a piece by, couples often spar over the real estate process. In fact, a recent study by LendingHome unveiled that 60 percent of millennial and Generation X couples disagreed with their spouse when house hunting. By working with an experienced real estate agent, it’s possible to calm the marital waters and reach a consensus on the ideal home. With the hot seller’s market, it’s more important than usual to stay on the same page as your partner.

The issue of debt:

Nearly 50 percent of couples buying homes disagreed about how much money to borrow for a mortgage loan. Falling in love with a home that’s out of reach is often counterproductive. To avoid arguments, talk to a lender about a pre-approval. Then, figure out if you can manage the monthly mortgage payments as well as utilities and other bills.

The style of home:

Conflicting ideas about an architectural style often drive couples apart. Researchers say 46 percent of couples share different ideas about design and appearance. If you like the modern home and your partner likes Victorians, figure out a way to compromise. Experts point out the transitional style bends traditional with modern. Agree to decorate rooms individually with an eclectic style.

How big a home:

Other sources of arguments include how big the house of a home to buy and whether or not to renovate. Keep in mind that it’s more expensive and sometimes impossible to add square footage down the road. Also, a lack of square footage creates buyer’s remorse in the most home buyers. Talk about expectations before meeting with a Realtor for the house hunt.

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