Finding a Home to Easily Personalize

Buying a home that’s easy and affordable to personalize is often a challenge with so many first-time buyers searching for starter homes. By working with the best real estate agents, you often find out about homes that inspire. According to an article by, in the age of personalization it’s rare to find a home that is already the way you want it. When shopping for a home, think about your vision for the home. Share your ideas with your Realtor so the two of you are on the same page. Experts say there are some features in a home that are more affordable to customize than others after you buy the house.

Buying a home with an attic or basement

If you want space to expand in the future, buy a home with a basement or usable attic space. An unfinished basement provides flexible square footage that you can renovate when you can afford it. It’s a lot less expensive than to renovate a basement compared to building an addition.

Knowing your architectural style

Another important personal choice is the architectural style. In our area, you often find ranch homes, mid-century modern, Colonial, Craftsman, two-story contemporary and other styles. While it’s inexpensive to add landscaping or paint the exterior, it’s extremely expensive to change the entire facade of a home to a new architectural style.

Saving money and the environment

Many newer homes have energy-efficient features such as high-efficiency water heaters, skylights and low flow shower heads. At the same time, a home owner could update a home with modern features that conserve energy. Talk to real estate agents about homes with the energy-efficient lifestyle features you desire.

Other ways to customize and personalize a space is by configuring a home as use for several generations. A split floor plan works well for multi-generational homes. At Realty Executives By Realty Choice, we find our clients homes they can put their personal stamp on. For more information about finding the perfect house, contact us.