Landing More Money When Selling a Home

Landing more money when your real estate agent sells your home is the goal for most home sellers. Whether you want enough money at closing to pay for your next home in cash or want to fund a vacation to the Bahamas, there is no judgement. Experts point out it’s a good time to sell real estate in Springfield MO because of the high demand created by millennials. According to a piece by, most sellers aren’t sure how much money to expect at closing. In some unfortunate circumstances, sellers need to bring money to the closing table. Most people aren’t underwater on their mortgages now that home values are up. Still, there are a few simple ways to ensure a higher profit.

Keeping it spotless

Realtors specializing in Springfield MO real estate point out that no house is ever too clean. In addition to deep cleaning, touch up peeling paint, siding and other cosmetic issues. Details matter when selling so remember to scrub and paint baseboards. By renting a storage unit, it’s easier to de-cutter.

Thinking like a marketer

A good Realtor understands how to market your Springfield real estate, but sellers help the process by thinking like a consumer. A professional stager rearranges furniture, decorates and organizes your home in a way that make the photography pop. Another tip is to use drone footage, virtual tours, 3D Virtual Reality and special programs. Sharing your listing on Facebook and social media is another smart avenue.

Choosing a Realtor

To land the most money at closing, choose a Realtor with experience and remain flexible about the listing price as well as contingencies. Strong points in a Springfield Realtor include one who is honest, negotiates well, puts your home on the MLS and supports good marketing. As the seller, turn yourself into Martha Stewart by baking an apple pie before a showing or hire someone with her talent.

At Realty Executives By Realty Choice, we help you sell your real estate in Springfield MO. From mid-century modern homes to Colonial-style homes and bungalows, our listings reflect our passion for the community. For more tips on getting the money you need from your sale, please contact us.

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