Luxury Home Buying Tips and Advice

Most millionaires in the luxury home market gravitate to destination paradises such as Hawaii, but others are more the millionaires-next-door who love Springfield, MO and all its beauty.

Recognizing potential resale value:

When searching for luxury homes for sale in Springfield, MO, it’s important to recognize potential for resale value. Knowing what others look for in a luxury home gives you an edge if you move in several years or leave your estate to family members and loved ones. According to a piece by, the luxury real estate market has changed in the past several years. High-end buyers care about location in terms of proximity to the beach or views. In Springfield, high-end buyers love views of the Ozark Mountains.

Looking for the unobstructed views:

Realtors in Springfield MO help you find listings that pop when you visit the home in person versus homes that simply photograph well. High-end buyers look for homes with amazing views, but it’s important to choose an architectural style that enhances the views.

Having space for overnight guests:

High-end buyers also like homes with a lot of bedrooms and bathrooms. Whether you have a nanny, friends who visit or aging parents living with you, it’s important for today’s luxury homes to accommodate a lot of different people with privacy needs.

Having the latest technologies:

Although a home needs to have a lot of rooms, it does not need a lot of clutter, built-ins, curios and desks. Realtors point out luxury homes often have a minimalist design devoid of clutter. At the same time, the latest technologies matter. Depending how long you plan to live in your Springfield home, the technology could quickly become outdated so invest accordingly in upgrades.

Outdoor Living Spaces:

Finally when hunting for homes for sale in Springfield, MO, look for homes with beautiful outdoor living spaces.


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