Strafford MO a Town with Charm

Situated on Route 66 Strafford, MO is a quaint city complete with old storefronts, small town charm, and a “AAA” rated school system.

Strafford was named by the men who laid the railroad tracks in Greene County not long after the Civil War ended. The name was a misspelling of the Connecticut town known as Stratford.


It was in July 1869 that the United States Government gave fifty-five acres of land to Sarah Lane, whose husband had died while fighting in the war. She granted thirty-three acres to form a town around the railroad tracks, and it was officially recognized as one two years later.

Strafford was incorporated as a fourth class city in 1961, and the last passenger train rolled through in 1967. Today, the tracks are used for freight, and symbolize the important role that transportation has played throughout the city’s history.

The Trail of Tears

The Trail of Tears passed through this land before Strafford existed. The exact path is unknown, but most historians believe the Trail of Tears passed through what is downtown Strafford.

Strafford Library

The Strafford Library sits within view of Route 66, which is why it features an automobile theme. In addition to thousands of books, it also offers computer classes, book discussions, and interactive Storytime.

Wild Animal Safari

The city is home to the country’s best drive-thru animal park. It features more than 650 animals on five hundred acres, and guests can take the safari from their own vehicles or the park’s guided bus tour. Animals include Bengal tigers, giraffes, timber wolves, and red kangaroos.

If you’re interested in calling Strafford home, please contact us. We will be glad to help you find a property where you can put down roots for years to come.