Wonders of the Ozarks You Don’t Want to Miss

The Ozarks is known across the state and around the country for its stunning beauty. Picturesque places to visit include:

Grand Gulf State Park

Known as the “Little Grand Canyon of the Ozarks,” this park features the area’s most spectacular collapsed cave system. Grand Gulf spans more than a mile between 130 foot high walls, and part of the roof that didn’t fall approximately ten thousand years ago is now a 250-foot-long natural bridge. While its beautiful scenery makes it worth a visit any time of year, it’s said that the best time to see the inner gorge is during the winter months as the surrounding trees are free of leaves. Continue reading

Springfield MO Activities for Couples

After relocating to Springfield, MO or moving to a different part of town, it’s fun to explore the nightlife. Many of the fun couple activities in Springfield, are actually free. Some events such as Date Night at the ECC (Executive Conference Center) on Battlefield Road cost a bit more at $50 a pop. A recent date night at ECC raised money for children escaping domestic violence. Local churches also host events perfect for date night. Depending on your hobbies and interests, try out different couple activities. Continue reading