Finding Homes That Match Your Vision

Hunting for a home in Springfield, MO, won’t be a long process as long as you get a vision what your dream home looks like. When buying a home with your family, it is often a more elaborate process but a good real estate agent will make it fun to figure out what would make everyone in the family happy.

Before choosing homes in Springfield, you will want to get pre-approved for a loan or figure out your cash budget. Once you know what you can afford, your job gets somewhat easier as the pool of homes in Springfield from which to choose shrinks. “Search Springfield, MO Homes

According to a real estate article by yahoo, it is important to avoid generalities such as wanting an older home or a large house. It is also important to distinguish between wants and needs. If you are part of a family searching for a home in Springfield, MO, you can also decide who has the most decision-making power in the equation or whether it’s a mutual decision. Asking yourself these key questions will help you narrow down your house hunt. Continue reading “Finding Homes That Match Your Vision”

Seeing the Real Potential in Older Homes

Experienced real estate agents encourage clients to look past outdated lighting and tacky wallpaper so that they can visualize a home’s true potential. This can be a challenge especially in particularly outdated homes in the Springfield area, but it’s a good approach to finding a property where you can add your own personal touch and create your dream home. There are a few things to look for in and older home, but there is also ways to “breathe new life” into a tired property.

One of the biggest challenges while looking at homes is making sure the house has “good bones.” While it’s impossible to know what’s happening inside the walls or under the carpets, the basement often holds clues to the home’s structural condition. Here are some things to look for when viewing what could be your new home: Continue reading “Seeing the Real Potential in Older Homes”

Purchase a Springfield Home and Enjoy Plenty to Do

Springfield MO Real Estate: Reasons to Buy Now.

If you have been sitting on the fence about getting that single-family home with the white picket fence in Springfield, MO, you could end up feeling the opposite of buyer’s remorse. You could regret it if you delay homeownership any longer. In our experience, homes in Springfield, MO, are becoming increasingly valuable as various real estate trends, generational home buying patterns and economic factors influence home values. Here are 5 reasons why it is an excellent time to buy a home. Continue reading “Purchase a Springfield Home and Enjoy Plenty to Do”

Finding Your Perfect Home in Springfield

Whether you’re just moving to town or just reaching that time in life when you can buy your first home, finding the perfect home in Springfield, MO takes more than just searching the open house listings every weekend. First it requires choosing the right real estate agent.

Talking to me about what you want and what you can afford to spend can help you save lots of time and heartaches.  My real estate agency, Realty Executives by Realty Choice, can start by helping you navigate the pre-approval process at local lending institutions to know what you can afford to spend on a house.

I can also help you negotiate for the best price, help arrange an appraisal and inspection and best of all, help you locate the right house. When you first talk to you me, expect to answer some important questions. Continue reading “Finding Your Perfect Home in Springfield”