Wonders of the Ozarks You Don’t Want to Miss

The Ozarks is known across the state and around the country for its stunning beauty. Picturesque places to visit include:

Grand Gulf State Park

Known as the “Little Grand Canyon of the Ozarks,” this park features the area’s most spectacular collapsed cave system. Grand Gulf spans more than a mile between 130 foot high walls, and part of the roof that didn’t fall approximately ten thousand years ago is now a 250-foot-long natural bridge. While its beautiful scenery makes it worth a visit any time of year, it’s said that the best time to see the inner gorge is during the winter months as the surrounding trees are free of leaves. Continue reading

The Discovery Center Offers Family Fun in Springfield MO

Springfield, MO is a family friendly city that offers a variety of fun attractions.

One of them is the Discovery Center of Springfield, a hands-on science museum that’s committed to inspiring people of all ages with a lifelong gift of learning.

It spans 50,000 square feet, and some of what you can see and do include: Continue reading