Female Power Tips on Home Buying

Single women are more likely to buy a home on their own compared to single men, but a new survey shows women struggle to buy a home. When it comes to buying homes for sale in Springfield MO, rely on experienced real estate agents who help you go from renting to owning even on a small budget (advice on choosing an agent). Continue reading

Grants and Programs to Help First Time Homebuyers

As a first-time home buyer, grab hold of any grant or program specifically geared to help people buying a first home. At our company our real estate agents helps you understand the home-buying jargon and overwhelming process so you don’t lose sleep or time away from work. If you are like 80 percent of the millennial renters surveyed by Apartment List, you want to buy a home (more tips for millennials buying a first home). Millennials eyeing real estate in Springfield, MO do not have to lean on their parents to afford a place of their own, thanks to first-time home buying programs and spectacular rates. Continue reading

Buying a Home as the ‘Millionaire Next Door’

Buying a starter home in Springfield, MO isn’t just for first-time home buyers, millennials and seniors on a tight fixed income. People with the “millionaire next door” mindset should consider how upscale properties often drain finances. Of course, many millionaires invest in rental or investment properties in Springfield MO, but one’s personal residence is rarely a ticket to great wealth. Continue reading

How to Snag a Home in a Tight Market

It’s a tight market with so many people hoping to snag homes for sale in Springfield, MO so they can kiss their landlord good-bye. But buying a home in a tight real estate market takes extra finesse. At Realty Executives our real estate agents helps you in a tight inventory market. Few people can afford to delay home ownership. With every month that passes, home prices rise along with interest rates. Your agent will help you make a competitive offer, but it’s equally important to seek a pre-approval from your lender and know exactly what you want. Continue reading

Understanding the Mortgage Process and Loan Programs

Avoid Regrets by Understanding the Mortgage Process and Loan Programs:

Understanding the basics of the mortgage loan process helps many buyers avoid home buyer’s remorse. One of the biggest regrets people had after buying a home was not understanding the mortgage process and loan programs. During a recent survey by nerdwallet more than 40 percent of the people surveyed said they did not know about all the loan options. In fact, 19 percent of millennials in their 20s and early 30s could not believe how long it took to buy a home, while 15 percent felt surprised by hidden fees. When buying a home, consider a few basics so you don’t have regrets later. Continue reading