Foolish Money Moves When Home Buying

A lot of millennials delay buying a home for financial reasons. Most young people would love to own their own house to put down roots and raise a family. Before house hunting, spend some time with a calculator, bills and bank statements. According to a recent article by, most millennials realize they are wasting money on rent. The article warns young people against combining too many major life events such as getting married, having children, adopting a pet and buying a home. If possible, match your home buying with a job hunt. Next, work on financial goals. Consider a few of the foolish money moves some people make before buying a home so you can afford a nicer house in your neighborhood of choice. Continue reading

Real Estate Terminology 101

When buying Springfield MO real estate for the first time as an investor or every day aspiring home owner, it behooves you to know the terminology. Real estate lingo is often confusing. Also, buying a home isn’t just about finding the right architectural design, layout and home features. It’s also about property taxes, tax deductions, mortgage rates, debt and other financial issues.

According to a recent piece by, home buyers hear a lot about the “buyer’s market,” and “low inventory.” In Springfield MO, just like other cities across America, the buyer has an advantage because of high demand and low supply. Experts point out several real estate terms crop up in home listings. Knowing the real estate lingo helps first-time buyers filter through the options. Continue reading

Avoid the Starter Castle When Buying a Home

Some experts point out Millennials make the mistake of buying a “starter castle” or a large home as their first home.

Weighing the pros and cons

When buying a home as a first-time home buyer – weigh the pros and cons of a traditional, small entry-level home vs. a large home.

Avoiding millennial home buying mistakes

According to a recent article by, stretching too much to afford a first home is the biggest mistake made by millennial home buyers. For the most part, Millennials buy fewer homes than their predecessors due to lower salaries, higher home prices, student loans and higher costs. Although some young people enjoy help from their baby boomer or Generation X parents, they struggle to come up with hefty down payments. By working with a Realtor to find a more affordable starter home, it’s possible to step up to a nicer home in 5 to 6 years. Continue reading

Homebuying Emerges as Top Priority for Younger Workers

Self-made millionaires often tout the virtues of homeownership as a way to practice budgeting and moderation. Saving up for a down payment on a home gives young people a great sense of accomplishment. Buying a home in Springfield MO is a top goal for a lot of millennials. According to a piece by, the recent 2017 Generational Research Report showed buying a home is a top financial priority for young workers. In fact, the study showed people who meet their home buying goal in the beginning stages of a career often become better money managers. Even if you don’t excel at personal finances, it’s possible to improve your credit score, save up for a house and emergencies as well as pay off credit card debt. Continue reading

Your Guide Finding the Perfect Springfield MO Neighborhood

Finding the perfect home to purchase is easier said than done and savvy home buyers understand the importance of researching the neighborhood as well as the home. All home buyers have unique things that they are looking for in an ideal neighborhood, and these factors will play a major role in how enjoyable a homeowner’s living experience is. Those who are shopping for a new home this summer may focus on a few points to find the perfect neighborhood to live in before deciding which home to purchase in that community. Get a Feel for the Ambiance and Energy of the Neighborhood. Continue reading