Meeting Minimum Standards For A FHA Loan

Before buying a home with an FHA (federal housing administration) loan, a HUD-approved home inspector must appraise and inspect your Springfield, MO, home. Maybe the home is a little rough to look at with torn-up carpet or stains on the wall. You can see past the imperfections. But to have total peace of mind about your home purchase, it’s good to meet the minimum property standards. So what are the basic FHA home condition guidelines? Continue reading

Buying a FSBO Without a Buyer’s Agent

Risks Involved When Buying a FSBO Without a Buyer’s Agent

Can you buy a FSBO (For Sale By Owner) home without representation from a buyers agent? Sure. On one hand, the transaction might well proceed just fine–no foul, no harm, right? But just because you can doesn’t mean you should. Continue reading

Buying a Home as the ‘Millionaire Next Door’

Buying a starter home in Springfield, MO isn’t just for first-time home buyers, millennials and seniors on a tight fixed income. People with the “millionaire next door” mindset should consider how upscale properties often drain finances. Of course, many millionaires invest in rental or investment properties in Springfield MO, but one’s personal residence is rarely a ticket to great wealth. Continue reading

Understanding the Mortgage Process and Loan Programs

Avoid Regrets by Understanding the Mortgage Process and Loan Programs:

Understanding the basics of the mortgage loan process helps many buyers avoid home buyer’s remorse. One of the biggest regrets people had after buying a home was not understanding the mortgage process and loan programs. During a recent survey by nerdwallet more than 40 percent of the people surveyed said they did not know about all the loan options. In fact, 19 percent of millennials in their 20s and early 30s could not believe how long it took to buy a home, while 15 percent felt surprised by hidden fees. When buying a home, consider a few basics so you don’t have regrets later. Continue reading

Regrets On Not Buying a Home Sooner?

A recent survey shows 4 in 10 renters regret not buying a home in Springfield, MO sooner. If you have observed the real estate market for the past few years, you likely noticed prices going up. Some renters wonder if they will regret themselves for not buying a home in Springfield MO. As long as you avoid the common regrets expressed by other home buyers, you will likely do well to invest in the real estate market. Continue reading