Updating Your Kitchen For Less Money

Kitchens are the center of any home.

They’re where chocolate chip cookies are baked and where children do homework after school.

Remodeling this space is popular as it can increase home value, though it doesn’t come without a cost. The average remodeling cost is $21,688, and the price is why many homeowners have to put updates on the back burner.

If you just moved into a Springfield, MO home that needs a kitchen makeover, here are some money-saving tips you will likely want to know: Continue reading

DIY Projects that Bring You Happiness When Selling Your Home

Selling your home doesn’t have to only please the potential home buyers. When it comes to improving your home, consider DIY and other projects that bring you satisfaction as well as increase your home’s value. According to a recent article by abqjournal.com, some DIY projects improve curb appeal and provide outdoor entertainment space. Whether you have a small or large family, your children or friends can also enjoy the results of various projects that make your home more attractive to buyers. In fact, a good test of whether or not an improvement is worth it to buyers is if it enhances your own lifestyle and satisfaction as a homeowner. Continue reading