Courting Millennials to Buy Your Beautiful Ozark MO Home

If you want a quick home sale this fall, experts suggest you court millennials as well as empty-nester interested in the beautiful Ozark, MO location. Centered along a business loop of U.S. Route 65, Ozark is great location for people still working as well as retirees. South of Springfield, the city is part of the Springfield, Missouri Metropolitan area. Fall is an ideal time to sell because of the changing colors of the leaves. The spectacular fall months also appeal to people who want to visit Finley River Park and the Ozark National Scenic Riverways. When listing your home to sell in the fall, choose a real estate agent familiar with the beautiful Ozark, MO location and able to highlight all it has to offer. According to an article by, you are more likely to appeal to retired folks and younger people without children during the fall months unless you sell before school starts. Consider ways to stage and decorate your Ozark home to get the most money at closing. Continue reading

Builder Tips on How to Splurge to Make Your Home Worth More

When it comes to making your Springfield, MO home worth more, it’s really not worth the splurge unless you know the upgrades will net you more money at closing. Of course, perks and better materials often entice homebuyers in Springfield MO so your home doesn’t languish on the market. But most homes sell faster during a seller’s housing market. According to an article by Mansion Global, there are a few perks worth considering. Home sellers can learn a lot from construction company bosses that splurge when building luxury homes for their clients. Continue reading

Landing More Money When Selling a Home

Landing more money when your real estate agent sells your home is the goal for most home sellers. Whether you want enough money at closing to pay for your next home in cash or want to fund a vacation to the Bahamas, there is no judgement. Experts point out it’s a good time to sell real estate in Springfield MO because of the high demand created by millennials. According to a piece by, most sellers aren’t sure how much money to expect at closing. In some unfortunate circumstances, sellers need to bring money to the closing table. Most people aren’t underwater on their mortgages now that home values are up. Still, there are a few simple ways to ensure a higher profit. Continue reading

Selling an Occupied Rental Home

Whether you are a DIY landlord or property investor who leans on a property manager, it’s more complicated to sell a Springfield MO home occupied by tenants. The worst thing you can do is let your tenants find out you listed the home by running across a real estate listing online. It’s similar to finding out a boyfriend or girlfriend broke up with you by their single Facebook status update. Most rental property owners who manage the rental on their own, let their tenants know they plan to list the home in the future and that a Realtor will likely come by to provide a home value analysis as well as provide advice on how to fix up the home to sell. Continue reading

Avoiding Painful Lessons when Selling Your Home

It’s often painful to let go of a sentimental attachment to a family home. From a financial perspective, though, selling your Springfield, MO home should not prove painful. A reputable Springfield Realtor helps you avoid the painful lessons some past home sellers learned the hard way. According to a recent article by, there are simple ways to avoid post-sale regrets. Hearing the cautionary home-selling stories arms you with facts so you profit from a sale. Continue reading