Boosting A Home’s Perceived Worth With Color

Putting a fresh coat of paint on your home won’t necessarily boost the home’s appraised value. Yet, many buyers will pay more for a home with on-trend colors because of perceived home worth. Most home appraisers think about your home’s size or square footage, the number of bathrooms, the garage size and other concrete factors. Potential buyers, on the other hand, concentrate on cosmetic details. Some buyers are willing to pay more than the appraised value for a home that has a nice appearance. According to an article by cbslocal, interior paint colors dramatically impact home sale profits. A study by Zillow looked at thousands of houses to figure out which colors boosted or deflated sale prices compared to basic white walls. Continue reading

Selling a Home in Springfield and The Feng Shui Basics

When it comes to staging and decorating your Springfield, MO home for a quick sale, it’s wise to rely on the Chinese art of placement also known as feng shui. While some people view feng shui as a whimsical fad, there is actually a lot of logic behind the ancient philosophy. According to an article by, there are various feng shui cures that serve as the secret key for selling your home and unlocking its beauty for potential owners. Most people rely on natural earthly colors and materials when following the feng shui basics. Clearing clutter and making the home smell nice are naturally part of the practice. Although decorating is part of the plan for selling your Springfield home, you also need to rely on a good Realtor with a marketing plan. It’s also imperative to sell your home at the right price. Continue reading

Family Friendly Hiking in Springfield MO

After looking at new homes for sale in Springfield, MO, it is fun to take off the heels and put on hiking boots. Oftentimes, the best homes for people with an active lifestyle are near hiking trails, parks and hardwood forests. Even though some subdivisions include walking and biking trails for day-to-day activity, serious hikers take day trips to explore the wonders of the Ozarks. Missouri is known for its beautiful hiking and backpacking adventures. Consider a few of the best day hikes as part of your house hunting itinerary. If you are selling your home, take a day hike while your Realtor shows your home to potential buyers. When you come back, you might hear the exciting news that your home has an offer or even two. Continue reading

Tips for Millennials Buying Real Estate with Meager Savings

Millennials desperately want to buy Springfield MO real estate, but severely underestimate what they need for a down payment on a home. According to Apartment List data and an article by CNBC, people in their 20s and 30s are not buying homes in droves simply because they don’t have the down payment money and credit. Eighty-percent of young people said they want to own homes. Yet, 68 percent have less than half the money saved for a down payment. Another 44 percent have absolutely nothing saved for a down payment on a home. Continue reading