Making Real Estate Counter Offers Fight or Let Go?

When buying or selling a Springfield, MO home, it’s not unusual to grapple with counteroffers. Occasionally, negotiations become a tug-of-war between the buyer and seller. If it’s your first time buying or selling a home, you’re likely wondering if there is limits to how many counter offers go back and forth between the buyer and seller.

I have first-hand experience and know that real estate negotiations often feel like an endless tennis match. Experts point out there is no limit to the number of counter offers a seller or buyer can legally make, but too many volleys back and forth leave people exhausted and frustrated. Continue reading “Making Real Estate Counter Offers Fight or Let Go?”

Finding Your Perfect Home in Springfield

Whether you’re just moving to town or just reaching that time in life when you can buy your first home, finding the perfect home in Springfield, MO takes more than just searching the open house listings every weekend. First it requires choosing the right real estate agent.

Talking to me about what you want and what you can afford to spend can help you save lots of time and heartaches.  My real estate agency, Realty Executives by Realty Choice, can start by helping you navigate the pre-approval process at local lending institutions to know what you can afford to spend on a house.

I can also help you negotiate for the best price, help arrange an appraisal and inspection and best of all, help you locate the right house. When you first talk to you me, expect to answer some important questions. Continue reading “Finding Your Perfect Home in Springfield”

A Look at 21st Century Real Estate Marketing

When you put your Springfield, MO home on the market, you’re most effective marketing mechanism isn’t the front yard For Sale sign—although that sign is certainly one way to generate valuable neighborhood awareness. It’s not the well-designed ad your real estate agent publishes, even in the most well-read Springfield newspaper or magazine—although those expensive insertions can draw valuable inquiries.

Without a doubt, the most powerful marketing mechanism at your disposal is the Southern Missouri Regional Multiple Listing Service®. Through it, your home’s listing in the Southern Missouri Regional MLS® is far and away your most potent advertising tool. Although today this seems so obvious that it’s barely worth restating, in important ways that’s a relatively recent development. The Why and the How of today’s listing availability provides an interesting peek ‘under the hood’ of how 21st century real estate works. Continue reading “A Look at 21st Century Real Estate Marketing”

Let’s Find Your Retirement Dream Home

While some people decide to move to warm-weather states for retirement, a growing number of retirees like the idea of aging in place. Just because you want to remain in Springfield, MO, doesn’t mean you need to stay put in your current home. Studies show baby boomers plan to make their final retirement home the best home they have ever owned.

In order to keep your retirement dream from turning into a house hunting nightmare, work with an experienced Springfield real estate agent. Make sure to tour as many Springfield homes you need too until you find the one that will give you an elevated lifestyle in retirement. Remember also, married couples need to communicate about their vision for retirement before commencing a house hunt. Continue reading “Let’s Find Your Retirement Dream Home”