Modular Home Myths Debunked

People mistakenly consider modular homes in the same category as mobile homes due to their construction in a factory. Many make the mistake of thinking them flimsy. The strength of a modular home therefore, they think, cannot compare to that of a stick-built home. Springfield real estate companies beg to differ. Research and evidence has accumulated over the years regarding the strength of modular homes versus their stick-built brothers. Let’s examine some of that research. Continue reading

Projected Architectural Real Estate Trends

When it comes to the architectural style of a home, some people think about resale value and others focus on their personal dream home. If visions of Colonial, Modern or Ranch homes dance in your head, it pays to go with the heart. However, a good Realtor will assist you in understanding the most popular architectural styles and projected real estate trends as it relates to resale value. According to research by, favorite home styles depend on which part of the country an individual resides. For home buyers in our area, some of the common home styles include ranch, craftsman and contemporary. A lot of home buyers specifically seek mid-century modern homes to renovate. If you aren’t sure which style to choose, experts say the safest best is to opt for the humble ranch style home. In fact, ranch is the favorite architectural style in 34 states.

A ranch is a single story home, which appeals to aging home buyers including baby boomers who don’t want to travel up staircases. Ranch homes as well as contemporary homes have open floor plans. Built in Springfield in the 1980s and 1990’s ranch homes include attached garages with attractive brick. When it comes to projected real estate trends, experts say the ranch is making a comeback but other architectural styles making headlines include the modern home with geometric lines and a lot of windows. Continue reading

Open Concept Floor Plans: Hot or Not?

The real estate market has seen its ups and downs in the last ten years. Free falling mortgage rates and foreclosures cast a damper on the market, alongside layoffs and companies sending their products off to Taiwan or China to be made. Recently there has been a spate of articles assuring home hunters that rates are coming down, credit doesn’t have to be letter perfect to obtain a mortgage, and if home hunters have a job, they can get a mortgage. Even more articles describe how to apply for a no down payment mortgage.

After so many years of bad news and worse news on the real estate front, home seekers are hopeful again.  Certain aspects of the houses for which they’re hunting are as important as that hope, such as the open concept floor plan. It begs the question in projected real estate trends: will the open concept floor plan remain hot? Continue reading