Home Moving Guide Tips And Advice

Home Moving Guide


Realty Executives By Realty Choice would like to make your move as smooth as possible. We have compiled a list to help you remember everything, even the little things, when making your move.
Hiring A Moving Company
If you plan on hiring a moving company, you might want to do some research first. Please review the sites below for more great information about moving and to find a company whose services fit you best. Continue reading

Meeting Minimum Standards For A FHA Loan

Before buying a home with an FHA (federal housing administration) loan, a HUD-approved home inspector must appraise and inspect your Springfield, MO, home. Maybe the home is a little rough to look at with torn-up carpet or stains on the wall. You can see past the imperfections. But to have total peace of mind about your home purchase, it’s good to meet the minimum property standards. So what are the basic FHA home condition guidelines? Continue reading

Home Inspection Problems Affect On Home Value

As a home seller in Springfield, MO, the home inspector is not always your best friend. Oftentimes, home inspectors find problems that result in the homeowner spending thousands of dollars for repairs. Inspection problems often affect your home worth. Continue reading

Home Search and Community Info ‘The Missouri Ozarks’


Whether you’re looking to buy or sell a home in Springfield MO, Branson or in any of our beautiful surrounding Ozark communities, you’ll be glad to call the Missouri Ozarks your home. From the many outdoor adventures, the shopping to shows, you’ll enjoy four seasons of  year-round fun, and beautiful scenery only the Missouri Ozarks can offer. Continue reading

How Wise Is It To Rent Out A House While Selling It?

Some homeowners buy their next home before an old house sells. Juggling two mortgages isn’t easy, but is the answer renting out the old house while listing it? While the strategy works in some housing markets, homes sell fairly quickly in the Springfield MO real estate market (more on the Springfield, MO real estate market). Continue reading