The Discovery Center Offers Family Fun in Springfield MO

Springfield, MO is a family friendly city that offers a variety of fun attractions.

One of them is the Discovery Center of Springfield, a hands-on science museum that’s committed to inspiring people of all ages with a lifelong gift of learning.

It spans 50,000 square feet, and some of what you can see and do include:

Phenomena Gallery – This is one of the center’s most popular exhibits as its home to the Van de Graff Generator. Don’t forget to bring your camera to capture your hair going in different directions from the electricity.

BodyWorks – BodyWorks features health-related displays that explore wellness and the human body. Sense-sational Hall is home to several exhibits such as Eye Spy and Brain Central that allow guests to investigate how the body works through giant-sized anatomic models.

Prater Family WorldWise Gallery – The Prater Family WorldWise Gallery combines geography, history, art, and cultural understanding. There are six countries represented including China, Netherlands, and Peru.

Highwire Bike William “Wayne” Miller Exhibit – The Highwire Bicycle exhibit is where you can take a bike ride on a guide wire suspended twenty feet in the air. According to the center’s website, as the bicycle tips, the straight bar from which the counterweight is suspended swings upwards. Gravity pulls the counterweight back towards the ground causing the bar to correct the bike and put it in a vertical, stable position on top of the cable. During this unique adventure, riders are strapped in.

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