Tips To Avoid House Hunting Drama

While drama is fine for day time television and reality TV, it’s not as fun to experience dramatic setbacks and disappointments when house hunting. By working with real estate agents who know the local housing market, you avoid house hunting horror stories. According to a piece by, it’s only natural to feel apprehensive about buying a home. With interest rates going up, most aspiring home owners feel the fire to find a good home. Since interest rates will likely go even higher in the near future, buyers ideally need a home that suits their needs for a decade or longer.

Knowing what you want

Experts say the first step to avoid house hunting horror stories is to know exactly what you want in a home. Figure out what you want before you look so you aren’t tossed about by your emotions when you see attractively staged houses.

Sticking to your list

After you create a criteria, stick to your plans. Some people care most about the daily commute, while others want a spectacular view. Talk to your real estate agent about what type of home you prefer whether it’s a single-family home, town home or condo. Also, think about whether you prefer modern, contemporary, vintage or some other style.

Getting pre-approved with the lender

Another way to avoid tears is to get pre-approved for a mortgage. Although most real estate agents work with you after you get a pre-qualification level, a pre-approval is more set in stone. A pre-approval is the lender’s word about how much money you can borrow barring any unforeseen changes in employment status and income.

Other keys for a smooth house-hunting process include a good real estate agent who puts aside times to show you houses. Good people to have on your team include a reputable home inspector. Your real estate agent will communicate with all the key players. Experts warn against playing the professional. Instead, rely on your Realtor to negotiate the deal. Communicate as much as possible about what you expect and want. If you have a dramatic personality, save the drama for the house-warming party after you move into your dream home.

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