What’s Your Home Worth? Get Inside the Mind of a Home Appraiser

Although you can do a lot to make your home worth more to buyers, it’s equally important to impress the property appraiser. Home appraisers do not randomly assess a value on your Springfield MO home. They feel impressed less with the interior paint selections and impressed more by a new roof or new room addition. By getting inside the mind of the typical appraiser, it’s possible to boost your home value so you take home more money at closing.

According to a piece by birminghamappraiserblog.com, major home improvements such as renovated kitchens and bathrooms affect the home worth. When the appraiser shows up at your Springfield home, offer to answer any questions but don’t follow the appraiser around or pressure the professional. Your real estate agent helps you take proactive measures to ensure the home appraisal process is smooth.

Make a list

Make a list of all significant improvement made since you’ve owned the home. Some upgrades include new flooring, renovations, additions, new roof, new A/C and landscaping. Do not inform the appraiser of new drapes, hardware on cabinetry or professional steam cleaning.

Avoid the red flags

Don’t give the appraiser any red flags that will affect the report. Make sure there are no roof leaks and that the A/C or heater is running. Get any plumbing problems fixed. Test the garage door before the appraiser shows up. Other negative marks include foundation problems and mechanical system failures.

Clean the home

Even though an appraiser does not deduct “points” for a messy home, it’s important to remove clutter and tidy up. Deep cleaning and pest control creates a better impression. Some of the items rarely included in valuation include washers and dryers, above ground swimming pools and refrigerators. An appraiser will value a home higher when you added square footage, an extra room or finished a basement or attic.

When it comes to your home worth, the appraisal is a big part of the equation. An appraiser typically checks the sales history for the past 36 months.

At Realty Executives by Realty Choice, we assist home sellers with all the details. Talk to us about getting ready for a home inspection and appraisal as well as prepping a home to list. For more tips on knowing your Springfield home’s worth, please contact me.

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